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SOUL SCENT: A Zackie Story

 There were many traditions preserved from the time of He-Who-Counseled-the-Chief to modern times with Ron and Lenora. What traditions have been preserved in your family from the distant past?

 Throughout the story, Zackie frequently disappears through the portal when not escorting a spirit to the afterlife. Why does she go and what does she do while she’s there?

Fia and Cam were able to convince Katherine that they had communicated with her deceased sister, Maggie. What evidence would you need to be convinced that a loved one who has passed on has sent a message to you?

 Fia constantly second guesses herself when she tries to interpret Lucas’s behavior. Do you think she is right to doubt his intentions, or is his behavior crystal clear to an outside observer?

 When Fia and Cam uncovered the source behind the actions of the dead hand, did you think that Fia’s distrust was justified?

 After Fia had her altercation with Rory outside of the Meridian and she left Lucas, Ron, Goose and Angela to deal with the aftermath, what do you think transpired?
Cam thinks Fia has PTSD because of the trauma she suffered as a child. In what ways do you see this disorder manifesting in her behavior?

 Peyton’s environment changes dramatically at the end of the story. Do you think this will result in any changes in how she acts or thinks?

Lenora helped Ron to overcome his behavioral problems when he was a child. How do you think she was able to accomplish this when teams of psychiatrists had failed?

Did Fia do the right thing or the wrong thing in refraining from encouraging Hannah to move on to the next life?

​​SOUL SEARCH: A Zackie Story
Fia keeps her home immaculately tidy because there is enough chaos in her life due to intrusions by the unseen world. Why is Fia’s car trunk, loaded with SAR equipment, the only place where she allows disorder?

Cam has a very casual relationship with a powerful, immortal being. Why do you think the psychopomp permits such a lack of decorum?
Do you think Hannah did the right thing in not being honest with Lucas about her condition?
Why do you think the cousins Parmelia and Bodean have such a close relationship?

Have you ever been the beneficiary of something like Trail Magic in your own life?

Lucas was initially considered to be a walking affectation by Fia because he took on a Goth persona that was not aligned with his true self. What other things does Lucas do that deviate from being true to himself?

Do you think it would ever be possible for Fia to reconcile with her adoptive family? What would they need to do for her to trust them?

When Fia is confronted by spirits prior to meeting Cam and Zackie, the spirits would alter her perception of reality unless she fought them. In what other ways does Fia need to fight to maintain her identity?

Cam has said that a maxim for understanding spirits is “As in life, so in death.” Do you think it is possible for someone to change their ways on their deathbed after a lifetime of behaving in a particular way? What if someone had behaved well their entire life – could they change given the right circumstances in their final moments?

What do you think it would take to get Hannah to cross over?