Have you ever worried about someone who has passed on? Have you ever felt close to someone you never knew, but you pass their grave in a cemetery and you feel a connection?

Soul Search and Soul Scent are for people who have had these experiences and who think differently about what comes next. These books are for anyone who wants the best for those who are no longer with us. They tell the story of a psychopomp in the modern age, compassionately guiding the dead and dying to the next life.


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Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County & Wayward Plotts for Plott Hound rescue

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Troubled psychic Fia leads a double life. As a ground pounder for search and rescue, she finds the lost and vulnerable living and brings them to safety. As a servant to an ancient and indifferent Psychopomp, her mission is no less crucial – to help the suffering dead cross over to the afterlife. Her worlds collide after a distraught woman armed with a gun disappears into the woods and the rescue becomes a body recovery.

When a frantic hammering erupts from the empty SAR team trailer, Fia appeals for help to Cam, irascible Brit, mentor and Psychopomp aficionado. But nothing is what it seems and a straightforward case soon goes sideways. Will Fia and Cam be able to uncover the shocking truth behind the final act of a desperate woman and free this tortured earthbound spirit? 


From Susannah Charleson, author of the New York Times bestselling Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog
"Taking search work beside a talented K9 into the realm of the paranormal, Reyna Favis' Soul Search is a dark, unexpected journey with surprises at every turn--the first in a series of books following a gritty heroine whose trouble follows her: an uneasy connection to the dead. From the harrowing open to the conclusion's hard-won peace, a book to appeal to readers ready to take a leap in to the afterlife's great unknown."


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Reyna Favis

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